I will love you forever

I will love you forever | Poets Arena
It was a long time ago,
when I saw a girl
She was mighty cute,
and she made my toes curl.
I was enthralled by her magical smile,
and the charm of her face
All I could think of was her,
and her delightful grace.
It wasn’t a piece of cake to get her,
but God turned out to be a saviour
It was a snowball’s chance in hell,
but finally we were together.
We loved each other like hell,
and we were riding on a fairy train
Everything was beautiful, fascinating,
and bit by bit as right as rain.
It was the best of both worlds,
until we slipped down the cart
Things went worse to worst,
and situations ripped us apart.
Here we are now,
years have gone rolled
Miles away are our bodies,
and light years apart our souls.
Neither can I go back in time,
and make things straight
Nor can I force you,
if you really think it’s too late.
But before life bloats us down its throat,
and before we actually miss the boat
I want to say this to you..
There hasn’t been a single day,
when I did not feel the same for you.
Though we were not together,
yet my heart could not get rid of you.
A part of me always lived for you…not because
of any of the thousand reasons why people stay together
but because of the most common and most powerful
one word feeling….love…because….

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