The heart is torn with the words you said
All I deserve from Life
Is the color red

I believed in love,I believed in god
But through the carnage of expectations,
Its just peace I sought

Peace from those eyes
Peace from those beautiful unsaid lies

Peace from my heart’s pleading cries
Peace from the regretful Sighs

With every breath I drew
The love and passion only, many-foldedly grew

I never knew,that the things I once found stupid
Were the stinging arrows, straight from the Bow of The cupid

How could you be so blind,my actions of love being so Lucid
Trust me,my dream,no matter how much I tried
,the passion in me remained Torpid

I destroyed all the feelings,until only the Hate would remain,
But it was like pushing a wall,all my efforts were Vain

Little it was,the sands of time deceived my hands,
It only made me insane,the promise to remain just friends

But I am sorry,I cannot
It is not that,I did not

I cant be just a mate
I dint choose any of these feelings,they are the work of fate

Loving you is something,I just cannot stop
If your heart is protected,Let me be the key to that lock

I have never wanted something,so desperately,as I want YOU
I may have said a ladder of lies,But you know,My eyes
they are true

Only one solution now left,to just wait for that day
Someday,when this hurricane of emotionsm,
will finally fade away

Till then,Just stay with me,Bearing my unwanted care
because all I ever wanted from life
Is the color Red

And someday when you would finally Love me back,these arms will be Ur bed
The color of love,the color of passion
will atlast be mine
I would have
the colour RED

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