The wishful dream

The wishful dream, the unfulfilled dream

I remember, I was staring at a wall
Contemplating, in the mid of an empty hall
I could feel the darkness and the growling sound
Razor-sharp thorns were pinching from all around
I was shattered, weak and hopeless
Crying, burning within and clueless
Then from somewhere came a streak of light
Mutilating darkness, putting an end to the plight
I saw you coming for me through a rough terrain
World became a better place, yet again
The next moment I remember I was holding your hands
To all sorrows and agony, it brought an end
Standing inches close to you, what I felt can’t be expressed
I lived that instant like never before, truly felt blessed
Me and you, two souls back together
There for each other, forever and ever
Suddenly, a voice called my name that quivered my core
It shattered my dream, nothing was same anymore
Tears rolled down my eyes and I recalled, I am sure
That I was waken up from something, I was heartily craving for
And I closed my eyes again and questioned myself
‘Can my dream ever come true?’
My conscience replied ‘No’.

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