Unfulfilled Dream

Unfulfilled Dream
You booked your tickets straight away and came to my place.
For the first time in last 14 months, my heart skipped a beat again.
You hugged me like never before.You said that you felt incomplete without me.
You promised to never leave me again. Time seemed to have stopped.
Then that moment came when you kissed me.
The touch was gentle.Your lips brushed against mine.
Something went down my spine.
I kissed you back with all my might.
You were in my arms. We were there for each other as we had promised a long time ago.
I apologized for asking you to leave. We were both crying.
I went to the kitchen to get water for you. When I came back,you weren’t there.
You had never been. I started screaming out your name.
I started to feel the familiar pain. And then for the umpteenth time in last 14 months,
I woke up with tears in my eyes.

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